Terms & Conditions

All our fees and medical charges are subject to VAT at the current rate. Our fees are
payable in full at the time of consultation when your pet is collected from the practice.
Where in-patient treatment is involved we request that hospitalised cases be paid up to
date when the balance reaches £400. This will apply to both insured** and uninsured
patients. We accept most forms of payment including cash, debit card and most major
credit cards. Payments by debit and credit cards can also be made by phone.

We can provide estimates for any treatment that has been advised for your pet. Please be
aware that estimates are not intended to give an exact figure for the proposed treatment.
A full assessment of the extent and nature of the problem may not be possible until the
patient is sedated or anaesthetised, and sometimes not until the procedure is under way.
You should view the estimate only as an indication of approximate cost, bearing in
mind that the final figure may be significantly higher, or sometimes lower. If we judge
that the procedure is likely to exceed the estimate, we will do our best to contact you and
discuss what you would like to do. On rare occasions it may be necessary, for
the patient’s safety, to make immediate decisions on treatment without reference to you.
We ask for your understanding in this unlikely event.

Overdue invoices
We reserve the right to charge an administration fee on overdue invoices, commencing 28
days from the original invoice date. Unpaid invoices which have not been settled within
60 days, and after due notice to you, will be passed to a debt recovery agency where a
further administration fee will be incurred to cover administration fees and court costs.

Withdrawal of service
We also reserve the right to cease routine work on your behalf if fees remain outstanding,
this is at our discretion.

Pet Insurance claims **

We are an accredited practice for Vetsure Pet Insurance and we work directly with
Vetsure in the event of a claim. Once pre-authorisation of treatment has been agreed, all
you will have to pay is your excess and any other relevant co-payments. Vetsure will
settle the rest of the bill with us directly.
We cannot guarantee the same service for other pet insurance companies but we will try
and assist with direct claims, provided:
•A direct claim has been agreed with a member of staff
•The direct claim is for £300 and over
•A direct claim fee of £15 has been paid
•You have given us a completed claim form
•You show us a valid certificate of insurance detailing the level of cover and any
excess that you are liable for (a photocopy is acceptable)

If you would like your insurance form completed within 3-5 working days, then you have
the option of using our ‘fast-track’ service. Please let us know this when you are
completing your insurance form. There is a £15 fee for this service which is not
claimable on your insurance.

. Repeat prescriptions are available on request from the veterinary surgeon.
This can be either the medication or a written prescription.
Our veterinary surgeons can only supply prescriptions (POM-V’s) for animals under their
care, that are registered at this practice and have been assessed every six months.
Clients are asked to give sufficient notice to prepare a prescription.
Notice periods are – 48 hours for medication
72 hours for written prescriptions

The general policy of this practice is to re-assess a pet requiring repeat prescriptions
every six months but this may vary with individual circumstances. The standard charge
for a prescription health check is £21.25

A prescription may not be appropriate if your pet is an in-patient or immediate treatment
is necessary.
You will be informed on request, of the price of any medicine that may be dispensed for
your pet.
Further information on the prices of medication is available.

Financial difficulty
In cases of genuine financial difficulty, and by prior arrangement only, we may accept
payment by payment plan. If planned payments have been agreed by management, we
will request payment of at least 50% of the total fee when your pet comes home, with
further payments over the following 6 months.

Comments, questions or complaints
We all like to know when we’ve done well. If you are particularly pleased with how any
of our staff have looked after you or your pet, do please let our practice manager or one
of the partners know. We are always open to suggestions for improvements too.
While we hope that our service does not give you cause for complaint, there may
be times when we fall short of your expectations. We have found that a careful
discussion of any issue can often lead to improvements in the care we provide and so
we genuinely encourage you to let one of the senior staff know if you are not satisfied.

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