Our 11 registered veterinary nurses have undertaken a rigorous training programme and sat examinations over a 2-3 year period. They continue to study, and log professional development hours to maintain their registration throughout their careers.

A veterinary nurse may find themselves taking x-rays, testing laboratory samples, medicating patients, consultations, maintaining equipment, monitoring anaesthetics, surgical assistant, dietitian, dressing wounds, bereavement counsellor, cuddle buddy and the list goes on!

Our nurses have to deal with a variety of situations and patients daily which requires extensive knowledge.

Well done to our fabulous team of Veterinary Nurses here at Penrose Veterinary Group, our practice would not be what it is today without you.

All of the nurses are amazing, just simply amazing xxxx (as are all the staff)


Our 2 new forms

Our 2 new forms

We are so pleased to offer a new client online registration form as well as a PAY MY BILL online form