Neutering your pet doesn’t just prevent pregnancy…

It can have other benefits too

Are you intending to breed from your pet? If not, neutering could be the most responsible action to take, not only to avoid unwanted pregnancies, but to reduce the risk of health problems too.

Neutering is the general term given to the process of removing the uterus and ovaries in a female animal, and the testicles in a male animal. It is a routine procedure which is carried out under general anaesthetic and your pet will be able to return home with you the same day.

Spaying a female animal reduces her risk of developing mammary and womb diseases, including cancers, in later life. Rabbits in particular are very prone to womb disease so the removal of the womb can eliminate this threat.

Similarly, castrating male animals reduces their risk of developing prostate gland disorders. There are also behavioural benefits, including reduced incidences of territorial and mating behaviours like roaming and spraying.