A new supply of Cool Coats are arriving today, thank you for all your enquiries about them.

Here is our price list:(just to let you know we charge less than a certain online shop beginning with A!)
XS – £19.42
S – £24.28
M – £30.76
L – £35.64
XL – £43.42

Here is the lovely Molly enjoying a walk in hers!

dog Molly at Penrose Vets

I absolutely love mine! I bought a small and it fits a wide range of the dogs I walk from Patterdale (although a little ‘roomy’!) to staffy x lab and I’ve even had it on a greyhound as it covered his vital organ area!!

Obviously if it’s too hot to go out I don’t but these are great if it’s a bit borderline and I can keep them on grass/in shaded areas


Heat stroke – the signs

As the heatwave continues we are asking our clients to think about their pets welfare after we have treated more dogs with heatstroke today

Fond farewell to Liz

Many of you will know Liz as she has been our practice administrator for over 25 years!