A new supply of Cool Coats are arriving today, thank you for all your enquiries about them.

Here is our price list:(just to let you know we charge less than a certain online shop beginning with A!)
XS – £19.42
S – £24.28
M – £30.76
L – £35.64
XL – £43.42

Here is the lovely Molly enjoying a walk in hers!

dog Molly at Penrose Vets

I absolutely love mine! I bought a small and it fits a wide range of the dogs I walk from Patterdale (although a little ‘roomy’!) to staffy x lab and I’ve even had it on a greyhound as it covered his vital organ area!!

Obviously if it’s too hot to go out I don’t but these are great if it’s a bit borderline and I can keep them on grass/in shaded areas


We offer Teleconsults

We offer Teleconsults

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