Laser Treatment for Pets

It’s not just our own patients

We treat with our specialist laser, but pets from other practices too

If your pet has recently had surgery, been involved in an accident or is simply suffering from chronic pain, laser treatment could be the ideal solution to provide relief and speed up their recovery.

The treatment is carried out by one of our skilled veterinary nurses, following a request or recommendation from a vet. We are renowned in the area for this ability, having been one of the first practices in Essex to acquire our own laser, and now accept referrals from other surgeries too. If your pet requires treatment, you can therefore be sure they’re in the best possible hands with us.

By directing specific wavelengths of light onto the affected area of your pet’s body, their natural healing processes are stimulated. The metabolic function of the cells increases, relieving pain and enabling proper function once more.

Laser treatment can be very effective for conditions like:

Joint pain and swelling
Ligament and muscle strains and sprains
Wound healing, including post-operative recovery
Injury rehabilitation
Neck and back pain
Hip dysplasia

Each session normally lasts between three and eight minutes, and is often very relaxing for the patient because of the gentle heat and pain relief it provides.

It can often work well in conjunction with medication or additional treatment, and results are often seen immediately (although we recommend multiple appointments to reach the full benefit).