Penrose Veterinary Group has been made aware of the voluntary recall of some Hill’s prescription diets.
We have proactively identified and reached out to our clients that may have been affected by this recall, if you have purchased Hills food on the recall list please let us know.

Read the full article on Hills website

This recall only affects dog tins of w/d,i/d,z/d, not dry food, cat food or treats. None of our stock bears these numbers, so it is highly unlikely to affect the clients who have bought from us, but for those who buy elsewhere it is important to check your tins of dog food for these batch numbers. If you have unluckily purchased an affected tin, then ring the company…..(as per article) etc. for your refund.

If you do have a dog showing any of the signs mentioned then it is imperative to get them checked by us. All excesses need to be diluted and the damage treated as soon as possible.

This serves as a timely reminder of the importance of a balanced diet. Hills are a highly reputable company and are acting very cautiously and promptly with this recall. However the same could happen to anyone supplementing their pet to excess. Without proper training its very easy to overdo or imbalance the minerals entering your pets body, and this can have dire consequences.

If you have any questions about your pets nutrition we are always on hand.

Our 2 new forms

Our 2 new forms

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