Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour consultations

What do I do if my dog jumps up and down? Barks all the time? Tries to bite? What do I do if my cat scratches the furniture? My cat urinates on the carpet?

Pet Behavioural Issues That We Find Unacceptable & We Are Here to Help


The extent a person can cope with a behavioural issue will vary from person to person. Some people can tolerate a dog jumping up at them or being noisy other people cannot. In these cases it is a very individual thing. Some things will have started of as being tolerable then progressed and become worse. And there are some situations such as biting that is totally unacceptable.

A dog or cat will perform behaviours for different reasons, a dog barking may do this as a communicative greeting but also because it misses its owner or the attention. A cat may urinate on the carpet because it has a medical condition such as cystitis or because there is a stray cat around causing anxiety or the litter tray and contents have been altered.

If you think your pet has an issue that needs help please contact us. We have a practice behaviourist who is here to help you understand your pet and why it is behaving like it is.

There are several medical conditions that can affect behaviour, bladder infections as mentioned above and for this reason all pets that have behavioural problems should be veterinary health checked before they can be referred to our behaviourist.

Behavioural programmes decipher the emotions of the animal, taking into consideration their breed and home life before they can provide a programme to modify the behaviour appropriately.

Elöna Greenaway DipCABT RVN is our registered nurse and behaviourist. She studied at COAPE (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) to complete an advanced diploma in animal behaviour and training, belongs to CAPBT (COAPE association of applied pet behaviourists and trainers) completing continuing personal development courses yearly and has been helping our clients since 2014.


For more information about us or to book an appointment please call our Brinkley Lane practice on 01206 842608 or our Stratford St Mary practice on 01206 323414